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The Strange Life of an Illustrator…


As some of you know, in June I quit my day job of teaching middle school to be a full time illustrator.  Most of my friends that do this full time warned me against this, but this is all I really wanted to do for a profession since I can remember.  It’s been great and I’ve been so much happier since doing so.  Some months you have something to blog about every day.  That’s great if you have a project that is geared to fit the needs of the fast paced web.  But what about when you’re writing the great American novel?  Or you’re working on a huge body of work and you want to release it all at the same time?  Or you should be creating new work but instead you are creating work to fit your blog?  This is a question every creative type with a blog asks him or herself in this era. Anyhow I find myself in a period where the things Im working on don’t lend themselves to a daily or even weekly or monthly update. So Im going to post anyways. In the last month when not traveling I have done architectural illustration, editorial work, storyboarded an action movie, created a t-shirt of BJ the Dinosaur (Sidekick of Barney), did a one off t-shirt of Blue Beetle and Robin.  I’m mostly excited to be working on a new comic book with one of my best friends, Adam Gallardo.  But I have no complaints. This is exactly the job I wanted and it’s been a big adventure figuring out what strange assignment will pay the mortgage from month to month.

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