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Hot Rod Horror 2


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Tales of Hot Rod Horror Volume 2

The newest volume of Tales of Hot Rod Horror features Andy Ristaino’s (Adventure Time’s lead character designer) 24 page story “The Tunnel”, Rick Geary’s (A Treasury of Victorian Murder) “Cemetery Road”, David Quinn (writer of Faust, Dr. Strange and The Littlest Bitch) and Devon Devereaux (artist of Disney’s Haunted Mansion and The Littlest Bitch) create a Twilight Zone-esque tale about a car wash haunted by the ghost of an infamous crooner.  James Suhr (lead storyboard artist of Despicable Me and Disney’s Gravity Falls) gives us “The Strange Case of Hyde and Seek”, an update on the classic Jekyll and Hyde story. Tales of Hot Rod Horror Volume 2 is a 114 page graphic novel with a painted cover by Devon Devereaux and retails for $10.00.


Crying at the Haunted Car Wash Written by David Quinn, Illustrated by Devon Devereaux

It’s a sinister ride to hot rod hell via a haunted car wash where ghost of an infamous crooner is the gatekeeper.


Cemetery Road Written and Illustrated by Rick Geary

A classic urban legend about the ghost of a fateful car crash that plays out year after year.


The Tale of the Headless Hot Rodder Written and Illustrated by Juan Garcia

A beautiful demon offers Tommy a second chance at life after a horrible car crash but at a terrible cost.


The Weird-Wheeled Race to Ruin Written and Illustrated by Andrew Goldfarb

Ogner Stump and Slub Glub enter a weird and wacky race with a cast of esoteric and eccentric archetypes.  Will he be rewarded or punished for crossing the finish line?


Tunnel Written and illustrated by Andy Ristaino

As nightmare unravels inside of nightmare, we try to uncover the secret of this ominous tunnel.


Headlights Written by Tomie McCay, Illustrated by Black Olive

A woman stops to check out what looks like an abandoned car, only to find out it is bait laid down by a nasty predator.


The Brides of Hell Written by Devon Devereaux, Illustrated by David Settlow

A coven of witches pledge their souls to the beast for long life and eternal beauty.  Fast forward to 1969 when reward is collected.


The Haunted Hearse Written and Illustrated by KRK Ryden

The Haunted Hearse collects travelers from the 1950s beatnik era to the 60s surfer and hippie generations and beyond.


Death Jump Written by Jeff Luther and Sarah Godlove, Illustrated by Tony Guaraldi-Brown

A time traveling Bonnie and Clyde make the jump not to a different time but a different realm.


The Strange Case of Hyde and Go Seek Written and Illustrated by James Suhr

The good doctor uses his mind and body altering serum on himself and his motorcycle!

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