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Elvis and Shakira

Elvis and Shakira

I did this piece for this week’s Willamette Week. The article was about Latino counterparts in pop culture and the art director came up with the idea of Elvis dancing with Shakira. It was a fun piece to put together.

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Cackling Imp Podcast Episode 08 Josh Ellingson

On the show today, I interview Josh Ellingson, a fantastic illustrator, fellow convention pal, college roommate, high school friend, groomsman in my wedding, etc. We chat about the ups and downs of Wizard World PortlandEmerald City Comic ConNinja Duck, storytelling, the Muppets, pin up art, Star Trek, etc.

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Star Trek Into Weirdness

The Transformed ManWith the new Star Trek movie on the horizon, I thought I would pull this one out of the archives. 

This William Shatner Oil Painting in one of a kind frame by artist Devon Devereaux. Perhaps you have heard the urban legend of William Shatner on a vision quest in the Mojave desert. They say a shadowy figure beckoned to him and he wandered for several hours without any food or water. He arrived at a plateau where he made contact with a tambourine shaped UFO. It is said that it sent him telepathic messages that he would become the liaison between mankind and a higher alien intelligence. So when he is singing “Mr. Tambourine Man” or “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” what do you think he’s really singing about!?
Oil on board. Roughly 12″x 20″ in an organic frame by Devon Devereaux



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Monster Valentines


Dracula has stolen your heart this Valentine’s Day. Take this print home for only 19.99. 13″ x19″ original art print by Devon Devereaux


Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride were made to be together. Get them both for Valentine’s day or any other day. 13″ x 19″ fine art giclee print on heavy watercolor paper by Devon Devereaux.

wofman_valentine_bigcartel…and who doesn’t love the Wolfman?


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Triptych page 02

Hey folks. Adam and I are releasing a new page of Triptych every Friday. Adam Gallardo and I will be tabling at Emerald City Comic Con March 1-3.

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Wow. 2013 is off to a great start. Today is Superbowl Sunday and I can’t even tell you who’s playing. Here is an update in the world of art, comics, and podcasting.

Triptych: If you look at the menubar of this page you will see there is a new button. Writer Adam Gallardo and I have launched a brand new web comic called Triptych (It has a lot of cusswords. Sorry mom).  Check out our website We are releasing a brand new page every Friday.

Kickstarter: We just finished our Kickstarter campaign and went way above our goal. If you missed out on preordering your Tales of Hot Rod Horror books, don’t fret. You can now buy them at my webstore: I love Kickstarter. This is a game changer in the way that people create, release and sell media. I plan on launching a new project in March. More on that later.
Cackling Imp Podcast: The podcast has been a lot of fun. We are dropping a new show every Monday. You can listen online or subscribe in iTunes, and listen to it on your phone or mobile device. Here is our lineup for the next 3 shows:

Upcoming Events:

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David Settlow (Kickstarter update)

David Settlow is an amazing illustrator in San Diego. This is David’s second story for Tales of Hot Rod Horror. The Brides of Hell (written by myself) is a love letter to 1960’s and 70’s drive in movies. I love old Hammer and Roger Corman flicks and wanted to do a hot rod race with the devil himself. David did a great job of using cinematic wide panels to flesh the story out. We are in the 11th hour of our Kickstarter campaign. I know its a long shot but if we can raise $869 before we are done, Tales of Hot Rod Horror 3 will immediately go into production. Please spread the love during our final push!

Whats next you ask:

  • The Cackling Imp Podcast is already in full effect: subscribe on iTunes. We are dropping a new show every Monday.
  • Conventions: We will be taking the Hot Rod Horror books to Wizard World Portland Feb 22-24, Emerald City Comic Con Mar1-3, Seattle Crypticon May 24-26, San Diego Comic-Con July 17-21, Rose City Comic Con Sept 21-22 *thanks Ron!, Comickaze November 1-3 and maybe a few more.
  • Triptych: writer Adam Gallardo and myself are making a brand new web comic called Triptych. We will be going live very soon. More details to come.

Thanks to all of you that supported, backed or shared this project. You have all changed the way I create comics. I cant say it enough! Thank you!!!

Devon Devereaux, Publisher • Cackling Imp Press


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