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Star Trek Into Weirdness

The Transformed ManWith the new Star Trek movie on the horizon, I thought I would pull this one out of the archives. 

This William Shatner Oil Painting in one of a kind frame by artist Devon Devereaux. Perhaps you have heard the urban legend of William Shatner on a vision quest in the Mojave desert. They say a shadowy figure beckoned to him and he wandered for several hours without any food or water. He arrived at a plateau where he made contact with a tambourine shaped UFO. It is said that it sent him telepathic messages that he would become the liaison between mankind and a higher alien intelligence. So when he is singing “Mr. Tambourine Man” or “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” what do you think he’s really singing about!?
Oil on board. Roughly 12″x 20″ in an organic frame by Devon Devereaux



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