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Polybius: Legends of the Northwest 4

According to legend, in 1981, there were two arcade consoles released in Portland, OR called Polybius. Customers came into an unnamed arcade and played this game. They began to have seizures, fainting and experienced psychotic behavior. Depending on what story you buy into, there were men in black that allegedly removed the two games days after its release. This seems to be an urban myth based on some kernel of truth. There were reports in1981 of an unnamed arcade game with customers having similar experiences. Since then the game has shown up in an episode of the Simpsons and has become a part of modern pop culture. 8″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas by Devon Devereaux.

Available on ETSY!04polybius

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#8 Witch

It’s The Witch.  Iv’e always found the idea of the wicked witch to be frightening.  I think it started with Scooby Doo or maybe it was the Wizard of Oz.  Or perhaps the scariest movie Iv’e ever seen, Return to Oz.  Anyhow this one is available at my ETSY store for only $45.00.

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