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Cackling Imp Podcast #4: George Leon

On Cackling Imp Podcast Episode 4George Leon is our special guest. George and I BS about comics, the psychology of the creative process and the 9 to 5 grind. Check out George’s comic book Luchadores in Space. We are in the last days of our Kickstarter campaign for Tales of Hot Rod Horror Vol. #2.  Check it all out!


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Andrew Goldfarb

Andrew Goldfarb is a kindred spirit. It is a mystery to me why this guy isn’t more famous. He is the creator of Ogner Stump’s1000 Sorrows. Since I met Andrew he has been creating a masterpiece, illustrating all 1K stories of Ogner Stump and his weird-o friend Glub. When he isn’t creating comics, Andrew has a one man horror-folk band called “The Slow Poisoner“. He is also a fine artist specializing in black velvet paintings. Andrew created stories for both TOHRH books. I encourage you to explore more of his work. Speaking of Tales of Hot Rod Horror Vol. 1, it is now available for download in theiTunes store!


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David Quinn

This Kickstarter update is all about my writing partner David Quinn.  I have worked with David professionally for a long time and have been a fan of his work even longer.  If you have never heard of David, he helped revolutionize adult themed comics and indy comics in the late 80s with his writing on Faust, illustrated by TIm Vigil.  David has a had a long and prolific career in writing comics including Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, and Disney’s Gargoyles.  I can’t really separate my own works without talking about David.  He is the writer of Ballad of the Eyeball Dragster and Crying at the Haunted Carwash for Tales of Hot Rod Horror as well as the writer of The Littlest Bitch.  If you are sad that Faust has ended and you want to see more work from David Quinn, we are about $1154 from making our stretch goal of $5000. That means I can hire back all of our Hot Rod Horror creators back to do another book. Yay!

Devon Devereaux, publisher • Cackling Imp Press

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Black Olive (Lesley Reppeteaux)

I know what you’re thinking. Tales of Hot Rod Horror?  Sounds like a lot of testosterone to me.  Well yeah, but not exactly. My good friend Black Olive (Lesley Reppeteax) and her writing partner Tomie McKay have injected TOHRH2 with nice balance of horror with their own special touch.  Black Olive was my first guest on the Cackling Imp Podcast.  We talk about comics, fine art and her new line of hand crafted Tansy Dolls.  Black Olive is best known for her Slave Labor Graphics books: Outlook Grim andScrewtooth. You can find the limited edition Disney’s Haunted Mansion book that Lesley and I both created stories for online as well. This is one talented lady, so check out all her books, paintings, and dolls online!



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Jon Ascher


If you have pledged $15 or or more the the Kickstarter campaign, you will be receiving a copy of Tales of Hot Rod Horror Vol. 1. as well as Tales of Hot Rod Horror Vol. 2.  One of the artists from the first book is Jon Ascher.  He created a really cool, fully painted story called Bad Ink. I met Jon about 13 years ago when he was in the early stages on his brilliant graphic novel,NeIL. He spent close to 10 years completing this book and he and I finally published it in 2011. You can see the love that Jon put into this story as well as how painfully personal it is.  I made this short documentary about Jon and his book while he was in the final stages of putting it together.  You can order his book in print or digital formats on Amazon, or iBooks or our online store.

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